Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret: Chandigarh Project in Tel Aviv

by Sarah Peguine | 01.10.15

In February 2015, the leading French auction house “Artcurial” established a permanent representation in Israel with the collector and patron Dr. Philippe Cohen. This weekend, ‘Artcurial’ will celebrate its first event in Tel Aviv: “Le Corbusier & Pierre Jeanneret: Chandigarh Project in Tel Aviv”, bringing the crème de la crème of French design and contemporary art, both Israeli and International, to a magical setting.

פייר ג'נרט, ספה וזוג כורסאות, עץ טיק ועור פוני לבן, 1958, קרדיט צילום, באדיבות בית המכירות ארטקוריאל
Pierre Jeanneret, Upholstered Easy Sofa Set, circa 1955, Chandigarh – © Artcurial

The Indian city of Chandigarh was planned in the 50’s by French architects Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. The project also included the design of original pieces of furniture – tables, chairs, sofas, lighting fixtures, and libraries, which were created especially for the interiors of the buildings, each designed to complement the space and the function it would serve. Today, these pieces of furniture are featured in the homes of the world’s best design collectors.

יגאל תומרקין, הוא הלך בשדות, ברונזה מהדורה של 2 מתוך 3, 1967 קרדיט צילום אביעד בר נס (1)

Igal Tumarkin, He walked through the fields, 1967 detail – © Artcurial

‘Chandigarh Project in Tel Aviv’ will allow visitors a rare glimpse at the unique designs of Jeanneret with a selection of a dozen of pieces which will be presented alongside 9  works by contemporary artists – from the celebrated French artists Jacques Monory and Robert Combas, to the famous Israeli artists Igal Tumarkin and Sigalit Landau – all carefully selected by Dr. Philippe Cohen himself.

Friday, October 2nd 2015 – Thursday October 8th 2015 // From 11 am to 6 pm
The Mansion House, 23 Lilienblum St., Tel Aviv

“Chandigarh Project : Conversation about a modernist utopia”
Guest speaker : Fabien Naudan, vice-president at Artcurial
Moderator : Philippe Cohen, Artcurial’s representative in Tel-Aviv
Wednesday October 7th, 2015 At 7 pm (access upon availability)
Institut Français Boulevard // 7 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv


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