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by Sarah Peguine | 11.08.15

A picture of a studio, a photo of current inspirations, an image of an exhibition or work – all of these are gems that can be found on artists Instagram accounts and make them worth your precious follow. Thanks to social media in general and instagram in particular, we art aficionados can now get a closer and behind the scenes look onto the work process and creations of artists from all disciplines: painters, photographers, emerging and established artists, street art artists, illustrators, video artists and more.

In this new series, we will reveal and recommend in each article five Israeli artists to follow on Instagram, with a short description about their activity.


I. @AlonBonder

Alon Bonder is a young artist creating works that are very graphic and witty. In his account, Bonder also shares his pieces, posters, designed skateboards, flyers and more. Follow if you’re into urban art and graphic design!


II. @benlouloumerav

It’s not a secret that we are huge fans of Merav Benloulou, who apart from being an exceptional photographer, is also a contributor here at TelAvivian!

Benloulou shares in her account pictures of her travels, moments from behind the scenes of leading fashion events and shoots from her latest fashion campaigns. Benloulou’s photography is unique in the sense that she doesn’t capture fashion in the obvious straightforward way, but rather prefers to tackle her subjects from a documentary point of view.

Cult of dang

III. @Cult_Of_Dang

Danna G. Windsor is an Israeli born, Brooklyn/San Francisco based animator and illustrator. When you’ll follow her IG, you’ll enter a world of striking, graphic and colorful imageries. Danna has a very clear language of her own, which makes her work recognizable and even more powerful. We recommend watching her short videos as well!


IV. @Cherkassy

Zoya Cherkassy-Nnadi’s Instagram account offers a window to her work process in the studio and to final pieces in her most recent paintings. Zoya is considered to be one of the most successful and prominent young painters in Israel and thanks to Instagram you can follow her closely.



V. @dede4band

If you’re into street and urban art make sure to follow Dede. Following him on Instagram, means you’ll get familiar with his style and, through his pictures, discover the underground streets of Tel Aviv.



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